Saturday, October 19, 2013

Healthier Inner Dialogue - Beauty Revisited

Though I could not have crafted this fabulous poem in any number of lifetimes, this is the feeling of what I was trying to say on the previous post about Beauty. It's 3 minutes and it's amazing. Be warned, this is a spoken poem and there is swearing so be sure to wait until the kiddos are out of ear shot.  :)

Female, by Anna Lieberman


Etcetorize said...

Wow! Powerful words~

Magic Love Crow said...

Terry, this is fuckin amazing!!! Thanks for putting this on your blog!!! Bravo!!!

Mindy said...

I haven't had sound on my computer for months. BUT, I have a secret Pinterest page with tons of shit to watch once someone figures out what in the hell is wrong with my speakers. So I'm pinning it.