Adventure Stories:
Lucas, Alexa and the Lizards
     Lucas helps Alexa to get rid of all the creepy weirdness at her house.
Lucas and the Ladybugs   
    Lucas uses his clever brain to fight the biting ladybugs before they get to his back yard, but then he creates another problem.
Lucas, The Stinkbugs, and Carter
     Lucas and Carter get together to combat the stinkbugs, but once they're gone, what remains just might be worse.
Lucas, Emma, and The Tall Tower
    Lucas and Princess Emma join forces to save Princess Laney from the castle.
Little Fish Big Fish
     This is the story of a little fish who steals the hat of a big fish.  See what happens after that.

Ghost Stories:
Black Bart and The Celtic Cross
     Every year the Crawford boys have a Scarecrow Competition, and every year Samuel Crawford loses. Samuel predicts that this year is going to be different,...and he is right.

Harry and The Scary Staircase 
    Harry finds himself climbing the creaky old staircase in the middle of a haunted house. What he finds upstairs was certainly a surprise.


Giggles (aka Whoosh, Whoosh, Go The Waves)

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