Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who doesn't love a fabulous mail week?!!

This week has been such a happy mail week.  Two of my favourite bloggy friends have sent me goodies in the mail.

The first is THE most gorgeous infinity cowl you will ever wear.  I've been wearing it around the house today to keep the chill at bay.  Kadie of Seven Alive fame crocheted this stylish piece for me and I will be heading out hiking with Little Miss Libby this afternoon to test it out.  Thanks Kadie.  If you want one, head on over to Kadie's storenvy shop.

Gorgeous Cowl!

The second is this fabulous aceo made by Stacy of Magic Love Crow fame.  It is titled "My Heart" and that is exactly what it touched, heart.  It is amazing to me how she is able to create such a detailed painting on such a tiny canvas.  I have this propped up on my desk to inspire me while I'm struggling with my writing.  Thanks Stacy.  If you want something similar, pop over to Stacy's etsy shop.

Fabulous Aceo!
Great big thank you to Kadie and Stacy.  You have truly made my week my fair ladies.  Big hugs to you both.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Writer's Bucket List

I want to be a writer. I might even be one now, that's debatable.  My supportive, loving friends and family tell me I'm a writer, but I do doubt it almost daily.  But I want to be a writer so I soldier on.

Some days I almost write something.  Some days I actually write something.  Most days I have no focus and feel a little lost.  At least, that's how I WAS feeling.

Before Dana's book.  I'm not kidding.  I now feel like I have a plan as a writer because her book offerred up a bunch of fabulous suggestions and I jumped right in and started following them.

Writer's Bucket List Website

The best part is that the book is more like a package.  It comes with a writer's bucket list workbook, a bucket list of exercises, and a brainstorming workbook.

The three items from the list that I am attacking first are:

1.  Writing poetry - this is not easy.  I am attempting a serious piece, and you might remember the fun children's piece that I did last week.  Neither one is easy, lol.
2.  Start a newsletter - I have a start date in my mind for June 1st and am currently brainstorming what this will be about. (of course if you have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to voice them)
3.  Interview someone and write their story - I haven't picked this person yet, but I'll keep you posted on the assignment (and again, if you have a suggestion or request, please do speak up).

This book is officially available today, February 5th, and I heartily recommend it.   If you decide to purchase it, please do let me know how much you enjoyed it.