Monday, November 19, 2012

Lucas, Emma, and The Tall Tower

After Lucas and Carter finished up their green soup, Carter gathered up his ducks and they were all on their way.  Lucas was sorry to see them go.  Carter was great company and the ducks were so good at eating all the bugs.  Lucas could only hope that Carter would come back again some time.

As Lucas turned to go back into the house, he could hear someone yelling?  Someone who was really far away.  “Help me.”

Yes, he definitely heard somebody calling for help.  

Lucas ran through the neighbourhood, stopping every once in awhile to listen for the voice.  He zigged and he zagged until he got to a wall of trees.  Hmmm, he thought, I haven’t seen these trees before.  I wonder what’s on the other side of them.

Lucas got down low and sniggled his way through the bottom of the trees.  When he came out on the other side, bibbidy bobbidy, what did he see?  A huge castle.

Wow, thought Lucas, how in the world have I never seen this castle before?

“You have not seen it before, dear sir, because castles are not meant to be seen on just an ordinary day.  They are meant to be special, glittering and shining in all their perfect beauty only on special occasions.”

Lucas turned to see a little girl standing there.  She was the same age as him, 5, and she was wearing a very pretty pink and purple princess dress.

“Are you a princess?” he asked her.

She laughed.  “Of course I am,” she said.  “My name is Emma and I am the Princess of Portland, daughter of King Chachi and Queen Mindy.”

Lucas bowed deeply,  “I am charmed to meet you, your grace.”

Emma giggled.  “Please stand back up.  I’m more of a casual sort of princess.  You don’t need to bow anymore, but I could use your help with something,” she said.

“Is it an adventure?” Lucas asked.

“Sort of.  There is a little girl who is trapped in the tall tower of this castle and I want to free her.  Do you think you could help with that?” she asked.

“Ha ha.  Of course,” replied Lucas.  “I love doing that sort of thing.”

Lucas and Emma ran to the tall tower to scout out the situation.  They both agreed that it was much too tall for them to jump up, even with a boost.  What they needed was a ladder, but where to find one?  They went searching around the castle gardens for a ladder.  Nope, none to be found.

But what they did find was,….a huge tent.  The Ladies of the Castle were having afternoon tea and sweets under the tent.  Lucas knew he could get the girl out of the tall tower if they had that tent.  “Emma, you have to create a diversion so I can snatch this tent away from the Ladies.”

Emma laughed.  “How in the world am I supposed to do that?”

“You’ll think of something,” Lucas said, running to the tent. 

Emma hopped onto her new bicycle which of course had streamers flying from the handlebars.  She called to the Ladies.  “Dear Ladies, it is time for your entertainment.  Do come see my new bicycle tricks.”

The Ladies poured out of the tent and watched Emma ride around on her bike.  First, she stood up on the seat and glided around the garden.  Next, she did a handstand on the handlebars.  The Ladies all clapped, they were so impressed.  For her final trick, Emma declared that she needed the largest tree in the garden and led the Ladies across the lawn.  She was going to bike all the way up the tall tree.  Whoa.

This was just the break that Lucas needed.  He quickly dismantled the tent and moved it to below the window of the tall tower.  He climbed a nearby tree and jumped from the tree onto the top of the tent, using it like a trampoline.  Next thing he knew, he was flying through the air, bouncing up to the little girl’s window.  On his next jump, he popped right inside.  There was a little baby girl sitting on the floor.  She stopped crying when Lucas popped in through the window.

“Hi, little girl.  What is your name?” Lucas asked.

“Laney,” the little girl said.

“Well Laney, this is your lucky day.  I’m going to get you out of here and bring you to Emma.  How does that sound?”

Laney was so excited, she was on her feet and ready to go.  Lucas grabbed her tightly and jumped out of the window, landing on the tent. Laney laughed and laughed.  Next thing Lucas saw, Emma was jumping right beside him.  The three of them had the greatest fun on that tent.  

The sun was starting to go down so the three of them had to get down from the tent.  Lucas returned the tent to The Ladies so they would be able to use it for their tea tomorrow.  Emma thanked Lucas for helping to get Laney out of the tall tower.  The girls waved to Lucas and started on their way home.

Lucas smiled.  He was happy that he could help somebody today.  He wondered what adventure he was going to have tomorrow.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Healing Angels

So today is Day 2 of nanowrimo (only 28 more to go if you're getting sick of hearing about it) and I had an epiphany of sorts.  A dear friend sent me an email asking if I would agree to accept three healing angels from her.  They will stay 5 days with me and will help with 3 wishes.  Then I must choose another 3 people, and the angels will be off to visit those people.


This triggered a much more exciting story than the one I had been struggling to get into.  So I'm all atwitter now, ready to go, animated.  Woohoo.  :)  Big hugs and lots of love to my dear friend.

So tell me what would be your 3 wishes?

Thursday, November 1, 2012


And so it begins.  Today is the start of National Novel Writing Month.  So here I go.  Wish me luck, will ya?