Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nanowrimo - It's Back

I can hardly believe that Friday is the start of this year's National Novel Writing Month, aka nanowrimo. If you're new to nanowrimo, head on over to the website to get the details.  Briefly, it's all about getting together with a virtual (and real life) community to set aside all of your excuses and write 50,000 words in a month.

You get the 50,000 words done, you win. Easy peasy.  ;)

It doesn't have to be a fiction piece either. You can take the challenge and completely make it your own. Maybe you're dreaming of writing a non-fiction piece? That works too. Writing is writing, just get in there.

I've come across a couple of sites that I know are going to be helpful for me so I thought I would share them here:

Scrivener - I am completely in love with this program for writing.  It has index cards, research sections, templates, awesomeness.

Justin Swapp - these are free templates for different writing genres and techniques to be used with the Scrivener program

Dan Wells - story structure video series (5 parts)

Tiki-Toki - this is a timeline site that some people might find useful (I tend to use a big whiteboard for this but might give this site a try)

Unofficial Binder of Resources - FireFallon has created a binder-type list of resources for everything from characterization to name generators to productivity tools. Super helpful.

Crockpot White Chili - from Practical Stewardship - nothing like crockpot recipes so you can just throw everything in the pot and then go write.

Crockpot Drip Beef - from The Pioneer Woman - looks amazing.

Slowcooker Chicken Tacos - from Happy Hour Projects, so easy, so delicious.

Please feel free to share any resources that you might have discovered.

Is anybody else signing up for the challenge this year? I know that Kei from Unfortunately Oh is going to be taking part. Kei is easily the most prolific writer I know during nanowrimo. Watch her numbers and be astounded (no pressure there, Kei).

I would certainly love company if anyone is interested -- I can be an awesome cheerleader. Let me know if you're joining up.

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