Sunday, November 16, 2014

Who Doesn't Like To Eat? :)

I've been absent here for far too long. Sorry about that. I won't bore you with the details of slipping missions and demotivation. Instead, I will share with you,!

Hubby and I are revisiting our eating habits and so I've made a bit of a menu for the next three weeks. I'll share here in case anyone else is reviewing their eating.

We are avoiding white foods: sugar, white flour, potatoes and white rice, plus anything processed. Ugh,...I already miss bread. Anywho, is what I've got for week one. Wish us luck.

Week 1

Monday - lunch: olives, jalapeños, boiled potatoes
     dinner: out
tuesday - lunch: soup and salad
     dinner: cream carrot soup, sweet potato fries
wednesday - lunch: tuna sandwich, cream carrot soup
     dinner: roast chicken, glazed carrots, brussels sprouts
thursday - chicken sandwich and salad
     dinner: sautéed veggies and rice
friday - chicken sandwich and salad
     dinner: lentil meatloaf with mushroom gravy, broccoli, kale

saturday - meatloaf sandwich and salad
     dinner: fish, garlic mushroom quinoa, broccoli

sunday - lunch out
     dinner: minestrone soup

What foods do you try to avoid or eat more of?