Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ghost Stories for the Kiddos

I can hardly believe that October is nearly over and Halloween is on our doorstep. Are you ready with costumes and candy? I'm ready with a couple of ghost stories.

You know your kids better than I do so please have a little read if you're concerned that the stories might be too scary for them. A girlfriend has a girl and a boy (5 and 7) and they loved the stories, but she was a little freaked out. Go figure.

1.  Harry and The Scary Staircase

Harry finds himself climbing the creaky old staircase in the middle of a haunted house. What he finds upstairs was certainly a surprise.

2. Black Bart and The Celtic Cross

Every year the Crawford boys have a Scarecrow Competition, and every year Samuel Crawford loses. Samuel predicts that this year is going to be different,...and he is right.

Happy Halloween.

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