Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Brave

Fri-daaaaaaaaaaaaaay. (enough said)

It's time for five minute friday and Lisa-Jo Baker's theme for this week is 'Brave'.  It's all about writing for five minutes.  No planning, no backtracking, no over-thinking, no stopping, no editing,...just writing.  We all know I go back after and fix typos, but that's the only change.

If you want to join in, head on over to Lisa-Jo's place and play along.

Five Minute Friday 


You know how people pick a word at the beginning of the year and then try to follow it as an inspiration throughout the rest of the year? Well, I didn't do that.  But if I had done that, my word would have been brave.

This is my year for upsetting everything and starting fresh.  I've been spending painstaking hours removing all the spent plant carcasses from my garden so that I could spend time preparing my soil (so to speak, lol).

My stagnant clay-filled garden dirt has slowing and effortfully been replaced with a rich nourishing loam.  I have read self-help books, done at least a hundred quizzes, started to see a counsellor, began journalling almost daily, and perhaps most importantly of all, focused on being more mindful.

All of these steps have been more than a little scary, but I knew that without this kind of preparation, anything else I tried to add or fix wasn't going to take.  Wasn't going to be strong enough to stick.

This next step is a little more fun but still has fear attached to it.  I'm working on slowly adding in the little bits of myself that I want to either keep or add.  I've started with some interesting pieces like painting and morning pages and these five minute fridays.  I'm liking the changes but can't say that it gets easier with practice.  Just worth it.


Part of this trying new things has me going to a local church to listen to a Celtic Choir - by myself.  Do you ever do things like that alone?  I can't say that I do but I'm really excited about it.  What's up for your weekend?


Tina Bradley said...

Wow--what fabulous new endeavors you've undertaken in this past few months! I sometimes to to movies, exhibits, etc. solo--it's fun--empowering, too. Friday hugs to you! T.

Mindy said...

Wow, when do you have time to drink wine with that schedule!?
And no, I don't do things by myself. It's completely anxiety-inducing. I have a hard enough time getting up from a table and walking to the bathroom alone when I'm in a restaurant. But, like my mom has always told me anytime I'm too embarrassed or scared to do something: "What makes you think YOU'RE so special that everyone is watching YOU?"
Enjoy the weekend. I'm gearing up for our three days of 80-degree weather. Woot, woot!

Magic Love Crow said...

Excellent my friend! I am proud of you! You are doing great ;o) You know, it's weird doing things alone, but the more I do it, the more fun I have! LOL! This weekend, trying to paint! I haven't done any yet! LOL! Hugs ;o)

Gloria said...

My bravery comes in ebbs and flows, BIG Hugs to you for charting this course for yourself. It's empowering and exciting.

Do I go places alone? Absolutely, sometimes I'd rather have company, but yes, it's me, myself, and I. ♥

Hope your garden gives you lots of good things to eat and enjoy. Have a great week.

Jacqui said...

"Upsetting everything and starting fresh," that is very brave! And it sounds like you really are doing just that! I hope and pray that all the work and all the changes yield the fruit you're aiming for. Many blessings!!