Friday, March 22, 2013


Somewhat fitting with this week's theme, I am wondering if you remember that last Friday I took a shot at the Five Minute Friday writing prompt from Lisa-Jo Baker's site? Well, it's Friday again, so I'm going to give it another shot. If you want to take a stab at it, follow the button.

Five Minute Friday

This week's theme is 'Remember'. Five minutes, no back-tracking allowed, and no editing. Here goes:


As I sat down this week to start the five minute Friday exercise, I felt a tightening in my chest.  I started to feel a little shaky and nervous.  Then I remembered that last week I was going to take a rest from anxiety.  A rest from stewing about every little thing.

So, I'm wiping that little anxiety slate clean for this week and instead replacing it with my personal power.  I'm reading a couple of books by Debbie Ford (you might remember from earlier this week - they were in the pile of books) and starting to feel rejuvenated.  It seems to be a poetic time of year with freshness and rebirth as we move into the spring season (at least I think we're moving into the spring season,...with all this snow, it's a little hard to tell, lol), so what better time to remember the heaviness of winter while vowing to lighten up for spring.

I'm curious what other people like to do to move from season to season.  I know that my friend, Rindy Mae is venturing into her garden and reporting back about all of her gorgeous blooms.  Just checking out her blooms has me gearing up for garden planning.  Do you have special ways of transitioning from winter to spring? I'd love to hear about them.

In the meantime, I'm going to make sure that my mop is ready to go because another aspect of spring (and not one of my favourites) is wet weather and more trips outdoors.  A messy combo.



Beth said...

I have never done the 5-minute Friday challenge before. My friend asked me to try it, so I am the one posted right after yours. I think it's #189. Anyway, your post got me thinking about Spring and you asked what others do to transition from Winter to Spring? Well, this year, we got a couple of rooms painted and had some light fixtures put in where it was dark before and now we are in the mood to Spring clean! Let's clean it all! Curtains, blinds, floors, door trim, windows, and you name it. It really needs it. We have 3 messy kids! So, that's all for now. Thank you for your encouraging post about Spring!

Tina Bradley said...

This has been one long winter--no doubt! I like to welcome spring with a bit a reflection (through journal writing, mostly), sitting out a few seasonal favorites, and observing the changes I see in my yard/garden (the tulip shoots emerging from the ground, buds appearing on the trees, longer days...). Hurry up, Spring! ;)

Mindy said...

Ha - I was out front with my jammie pants on, camera in tow, just a little bit ago. This time of year is SO exciting!!!! And yes, it's 5:00 and I still have them on. I'm a SAHM, whatdya want from me?!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Nice job! I'm glad to see you writing more my friend! Snow here yesterday...all day.

Gloria said...

Would you let us know if you think the Ford books are a worthwhile read?

Usually twice a year, autumn and spring, I "feel" like forging new paths, making changes. Sometimes I do make some changes, not always.

Practical changes include sending boxes of stuff to the charity shops and having a go at deep cleaning. Rearranging closets and furniture and just letting go of things.

Enjoyed your 5 Minutes!

Bekka said...

Ugh, I hear you about the snow! Last week we had five straight days of snow, and then even more snow this week, especially on the "First Day of Spring"...

Transitioning from winter to spring this year will be really fast for us. We're moving from the wintery north to the watery south.

Magic Love Crow said...

Terry, you are doing excellent with this! A special way of transitioning from winter to spring? I have to get rid of all the winter dust in the house! LOL!