Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lucas and the Ladybugs

Here is the next chapter of the kids' silly stories.  Enjoy (as requested, Carter).

Lucas was happy that he was able to help Alexa with her clown, lizard, and talking car problem.  The last time he saw her, she seemed so much more relaxed.

To celebrate, Lucas poured himself a glass of chocolate milk and went into the back yard to relax for a bit.  As he was enjoying the drink, Lucas noticed that there was a huge red cloud of something heading his way.  He could hardly believe his eyes.  He sat up straighter so he could get a better look.  As it got closer, he could see that the swarm was actually a big blanket of ladybugs, and from where he stood, they looked like the biting kind.  Yikes.

But that wasn't the strangest part about this bunch of ladybugs.  The strangest part about this group of ladybugs was that they were all eating pickles. Uh-huh.  Pickles.  You know those huge deli-style dill pickles that are so sour that when you take a bite your eyes go kind of cross-eyed?  Yes, those pickles.  The ladybugs were eating those pickles.

Lucas couldn't believe his eyes.  He had heard that beetles were big fans of artichokes (you know the kind that you marinate in a vinaigrette, not those regular canned ones or even the fresh ones), but he had never heard about ladybugs and pickles.  Definitely news to him, Lucas thought.

Well, I have to stop these ladybugs, thought Lucas, before they come down here and bite me.  What can I do to stop them? Hmmmmmm?

I know, he said, jumping out of the lawn chair, “ I just need to find the one thing that will get rid of the biting ladybugs.”

Lucas ran into the house and searched all over.  First he tried in the basement, but nope, he didn’t find what he was looking for.

Then he ran into the kitchen,…nope, not there.

Next he sped into the living room,…um,….under the couch? Behind the TV?,….nope, not there either.

He was starting to get discouraged, but he decided to try one more place.  His bedroom.  He tore apart his dirty clothes hamper, he whipped open his matchbox car carrying case, he looked behind the snow globes, and peeked next to the goldfish, Nemo.  But he found nothing.  Where was it? 

He looked around the room.  Hmmmmm. 

Aha, he yelled.  Here it is, under the bed.  Lucas grabbed the secret weapon and tore off outside.  By now the ladybugs had gotten so close that they were almost in the backyard.  Quickly, Lucas aimed carefully and then threw,…..threw what?

He threw a grenade.  What?  Ha ha ha.  Of course he didn’t have a grenade hiding under his bed.  That would be silly.

He threw,…..a pumpkin.  What?  Ha ha ha.  Of course he didn’t have a pumpkin hiding under his bed.  That would also be silly.

Oh no,……what he had was,….what he threw was,…. an fist full of stinkbugs.  These were the stinkiest stinkbugs in the whole land.  As the smelly stinkbugs flew through the air, they gobbled up all of those biting ladybugs before they could get into Lucas’ yard. 

Phew.  Lucas was so relieved that his ladybug problem was over.  Plus, he noticed that the ladybugs had dropped all of those pickles and now those pickles were floating down toward him. Mmmmm,..he licked his lips and felt his mouth start to water.  Oh how he loved pickles. 

As those pickles started getting closer, he had the great idea to run into the house and grab a plate.  Now, Lucas was sitting in the back yard, enjoying some gorgeous sunshine and chomping on some pickles.  He opened his eyes, feeling all relaxed, and looked up to the skies.

Oh no, he yelled.  Suddenly he realized that there was a huge group of stinkbugs with full bellies heading his way.  What was Lucas going to do? 

Stay tuned for next time to see what happens with Lucas and the stinkbugs.


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Ha!Ha! Stink bugs are definitely worse than ladybugs...even the biting ones. I'm guessing Lucas loves these stories! I kind of like them too! You should paint some pics to go along!

Tina Bradley said...

My boys would have absolutely loved this (back in the day)! They still might. Even though they are men, boys will be boys, right? ;) T.

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

Lucas is one lucky little boy to have an aunt like you! Love the stories and can't wait for you to publish a book with them in it! Great job!

Carol-Anne said...

What a fabulous story! I'm planning to read it,to a 6 year old I know!

Kara @ Petals to Picots Crochet said...

A funny story! I am sure Lucas will love it!

Mindy said...

The ducks are gonna eat the stinkbugs. I KNOW it!
According to The Kid anyway. :o)

Unknown said...

What a great, clever, fun story!! I and the kids love them.:)