Monday, June 3, 2013

Learning How To Let Go

I am way too tense.  I worry about everything.  I am anxious about everything.  If there is a possible worst-case scenario, I will have thought of it already and started to plan my actions in case it happens.  No matter how ridiculous it could be (tsunami in Ontario for example).

So,...I'm working really hard at relaxing.  :)

I'm learning to let a little messy exist around me (a little) and working to focus on something other than perfectionism.  The best way, so far, that I've found to do this is to get loose with art.

I picked up a children's book at the thrift shop; a whopping quarter investment. (It was about giants.)  I gessoed the cover and a few of the inside pages and am going to use it as an art journal where I just get a little crazy and let go.

Here is the cover I created this week:

I used a couple of book pages, paint, stencils and stamps, ribbon and lace, beads, and a whole lot of glitter glue that plopped out when I gave it a good squeeze.

My goal is to complete one page each week, just playing and trying out new techniques and tools.  How important do you feel your craft/creative time is to your relaxation?


Kei said...

The book looks neat :D It's a good idea to have somewhere you can just let go!
I hope you enjoy using it and find lots of fun ways to fill the pages :)
For me, being creative is a necessity. If I'm not creating in some way, I feel crummy. Also, like you, I get anxious about stuff, but I find creating helps to keep my mind off whatever is swilling around my head.

Hope you'll keep updating about your progress with the art journal!

Tina Bradley said...

Love the altered book, Terry! I, too, use art (and flower gardening) to let go and relax. Deep breathing is also a favorite of mine. Writing is also a great outlet for me--whether it's blogging or journaling--I find it highly therapeutic as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely art journal! Hugs, T.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love the way your book is looking!! Good going girl ;o) You know sometimes when we worry, we actually make things worse. I worry too, I know exactly what you mean, but I have got better about things. And, it's true, I would say 90% of the time, the situation turns out better, without me worrying ;o) Creative time, is my time, to go into another world! I relax, have fun and go wacky! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

Mindy said...

Well, if you consider gardening to be creative time, then VERY important.
Maybe we should both start drinking with breakfast, rather than waiting until dinner time. That outta take care of those pesky personality traits. :o)

Gloria said...

There are a bunch of things I'm juggling, so relaxation time is hard to come by.

When I think of gardening, I think of the perfection in the new shoots, arrangements, and blossoms. Yet, gardening is messy, dirty, and smelly. Not my idea of perfection, but I love it. LOL Perfection doesn't come from my hard work. I just have to let it go and see what grows.

Worry steals your joy. Everything is temporary- the good stuff and the bad stuff, kick worry to the curb and enjoy your efforts. It's all falling through our fingers.

Your cover has great elements and texture. The little squares, the page, the layers- ♥♥

I leave you with this, don't worry about the world ending or something like that, it's already tomorrow in Australia or (pick another country.)

Kadie said...

Awww Miss. Terry I love your book, but it makes me sad to think of you feeling down!

I am learning to let go in some areas, and simplifying in other areas so that I don't get AS stressed... yeah right who am I kidding, I'm always stressed about something. ha,ha Crafting for me as you know has become a passion, I also find that being outside gardening and doing yard work is something I LOVE more every day.:)