Monday, June 17, 2013

The Cotilion

I decided to try something a little different for the second piece of my art journal.  This was my inspiration piece:

A birthday card created by My Creative Place.

I created a mixed media piece using paper, dimensional magic, buttons, glitter, glitter glue, paint, stamps, and beads.

Does anyone know how to take a picture of glitter? It never really shows up right, does it?  Ah well, you get the idea.

Does this remind you of playing with paper dolls when you were little?  lol


Kei said...

Looks cool! The one on the left looks like she's swaying her hips and having a good ol' shimmy :D
I used to love playing with paper dolls when I was a kid.

Hmm, photographing glitter...I suppose if you could get a lamp pointed at it to make the glitter sparkle, you could then photograph it (without a flash, I think...) Not sure how well it would work though because I've never tried it!

Gloria said...

Love your selections of color and the design in the dresses!

Maybe try taking the photo on an angle or with a lightsource on the side, or even just a sheet of tin foil or an empty shiny pie plate to bounce some light onto the glitter from the flash. Taking the photo straight on with just one light (flash) may overexpose the glitter and make it look flat. You should see the contortions I go through.

Tina Bradley said...

Love it! This is so very girly--and yes, reminds me of playing with paper dolls--which I adored doing! T.

Magic Love Crow said...

This is really cool Terry! I love the dress on the right! Love that angle! Always make sure you are taking pictures in natural sun light. Sun behind you! And, angle your picture a bit. You will see the right image, when you look through your camera. Just tilting sometimes, works ;o) Hugs ;o)

Mindy said...

I've seen that card, or versions of it, around and have always loved it. Great inspiration piece. Your dresses and hangers turned out super cute.

Gloria said...

Terry, your blog got the Liebster ♥ Going to be fun reading your answers.