Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wine Route Gallery

I doubt it will shock any of you to know that the town where I live is filled with and surrounded by vineyards and wineries. There are many tours, guided and self-guided, that bop you from one winery to the next along the 'wine route'. 

There are also great restaurants, fruit stands (in season of course), heritage buildings, and art galleries. In Vineland (just up the street in country terms), there is a new gallery called Wine Route Gallery.

I stopped in there today to check it out. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone earlier this week, effectively killing it, so I didn't have a camera. I did bring home some goodies though, so I can share those.

These are all 5x7 cards.

Leaf Life
Maxine McLean

Medicine Wise Wings
Hugh McKenzie

Spirits of the Wolf
Judi Wild

Green Heron
Gloria Kingma

Yellow Flower Trio
Silva Talmassons

So glad I popped in today. I will definitely be a regular visitor.


Mindy said...

Sounds like a little piece of heaven to me.

Tina Bradley said...

I love wine trailing! And, adore art, too--what a great combo, Terry! We went on a series of winery tours in the Niagara on the Lake area--about 10 years ago. Was a wonderful experience! T.

Magic Love Crow said...

You live in such a beautiful area! Sorry about your phone! I love the cards ;o) Hugs ;o)