Friday, January 16, 2015

What I Love This Week

So many fabulous things happening this week. I have been buried with snail mail, yay. A stack of books from amazon, earrings, more earrings, and an apron. How lucky do I feel? Oh yeah. :)

So, here's what I love this week:

The sweetest puppy dog nose.

Just found this site with a super quick 5-Minute Guided Meditation at The Guided Meditation Site. This will help me to fulfill my resolution and her accent is adoooooorable.

I have wanted everyday-type earrings for-ever. Finally I found a couple of cute ones on etsy. One gold pair, one silver pair. Now I am all set.

Gold hoop earrings from Elamese (who also included a gift of a super lovely, dainty bracelet).


Silver hoop earrings from Moodichic

I also love a creatinine level of 127 (down from 131 and getting closer to the normal range of 124) that Little Miss Libby brought home. Woop woop. (no pics of the blood, thought that might be a little too gross).

What are you loving this week?


Tina Bradley said...

Which doggie is that? What a sweetheart! Tabitha recently began kitty kissing me with her nose; usually in the a.m. when I've finished filling her food dish. Sweetest thing in the world! Hugs, Terry! T.

Mindy said...

Cutest nose ever.
I wear my silver hoops all the time. They're my go-to.
What the heck are you referencing in the end?