Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Intentions

Sometimes you start off with a plan and get all gung-ho and then it fizzles away into nothing and you can't remember at all what had you so inspired in the first place. That's how the start of 2014 was for me.

I wanted to write dammit. So I started a schedule, 10-2 every day, sitting at the computer, no excuses,....until I started with the excuses. Then there were more excuses than there were writing accomplishments, and then there weren't even any excuses. Just nothing.

But maybe it wasn't nothing after all. I read a tremendous amount in January and February (filling my well? perhaps). I also started an art journal and have done something in it almost every day of February. None of it is really worthy of sharing (though I have shared some pieces on the facebook page), but wow has it felt awesome. Plus, I have met some amazing women and fabulous artists, and I feel so inspired.

So now, I'm ready to set new intentions, start a new plan, get gung-ho about something entirely different and yet the same. Creating.

Stick around and in the next couple of weeks I'll introduce you to some of these talented gals and let the inspiration spread.

What did you create today?


Kei said...

Know the feeling with plans fizzling away! My 2014 has not gone to plan haha

Magic Love Crow said...

Don't worry about excuses, you just weren't meant to do things at that time! The universe has a plan ;o) You were suppose to be art journaling ;o) And, everything has went amazing! So you were suppose to be doing that instead ;o) I would like to see some of your art! Never say it's not worthy! Big Hugs ;o)

Tina Bradley said...

My week's been so crazy busy (daytime job) that I haven't created much--aside from a few blog posts. That counts, right? ;) Glad to see you are posting, again. Looking forward to tuning in! Hugs, T.